Congratulations on the birth of your child!

There are five sets of preparation sessions throughout the year, each occupying two consecutive Monday evenings, or two consecutive Saturday mornings, in the Paray Room.  The sessions are open to all in Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish - Fareham and Gosport.  We use the Catholic Faith Exploration Baptism DVD based course, which offers a flexible and enjoyable opportunity to inform, inspire and raise discussion amongst parents.  Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes with a short time for discussion throughout. 

The second session gives more factual information on the Sacrament practicalities and a member of the Clergy joins the leading Catechist.

At the 10.15am Sunday Mass following the preparation, we celebrate the first part of the Rite of Baptism with the Declaration of Intent, the Naming ceremony and Anointing with the Oil of Catechumens.

Leaflets are available in the Church Foyer with further information, dates and the application forms for attendance at these sessions preparing for this sacrament.  Please see the Church Newsletter for details.

Welcome to God's family!


These pivotal Sacramental programmes are run for children who have turned 7 years, and are in the equivalent of Year 3 or above of primary school.

The programmes begin in September, with First Reconciliation (First Confessions) in December, followed by the commencement of the First Eucharist programme in the following January.  First Holy Communion Masses are celebrated in May.

The format of both programmes is bi-monthly sessions (approximately) on Saturday mornings, including two Family workshops.  There are five parent/guardian sessions throughout the programme on Tuesday evenings 7.30 - 9pm, led by the Parish Priest and Senior Catechists.  These have proved very popular for parents who may have become a little rusty on some of the theory behind these sacraments - and prove invaluable in assisting with the answering of the inevitable questions that most 7 year olds have!


Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation (along with Baptism and Eucharist).

The programme at St Margaret Mary's runs bi-annually and invites any young person from Year 9 upwards to join.   It starts in Spring with the Confirmation Celebration taking place in November.

Information about applications and sessions is available through the Newsletter.

The group meets in the Hall, on a Tuesday evenings 7.30 - 9.15pm and include reflections and activities such as:

  • Looking into what it means to be a Christian today.
  • Exploring the role you can fulfil in our community of faith
  • Joining the Church Community for specific celebrations at the Sunday Mass during the programme.
  • Going on a weekend retreat at a Franciscan Centre in Berkshire.

Details of the Confirmation Programme for 2011 are available here.


Saturdays 10.30am in the Lady Chapel.   Penitents are invited to wait in the body of the Church for prayer and preparation and, when the Priest is available, join him in the Chapel to celebrate this Sacramant of grace face to face.  On the first Saturday of the month, Reconciliation is celebrated in the traditional Confessional with the screen.  Please check the weekly newsletter should there be any changes in time/day due to other commitments or events in the Parish.  Reconciliation is also available by appointment.

Reconciliation Services are celebrated on a Sunday afternoon during Advent and Lent with several local Clergy in attendance to help celebrate this Sacrament.


Please contact the Church Office.  Couples will be invited to meet with the Priest to talk about the sacrament of Marriage. Often the Priest will discuss with the couple their experiences of life, faith, God, belief, non-belief, love, forgiveness, Church community life and so on. This all takes time, and sometimes situations emerge that need to be worked with/through, that is why we ask for a good 12 months notice.

The couple are invited to join an Engaged Couples' prepararion evening and day organized by 'Love and Cherish' our Parish Preparation programme hosted in Fareham, or the Dioceses 'Marriage Care' (a counselling Service) preparation sessions also meeting locally.  During the time of preparation the Church Community will celebrate a special Rite of Declaration of Freedom and Blessing for the Engaged Couples during the Sunday Mass nearest to Valentine's Day (!)

In time and in light of all that the Priest and couple have talked about, preparation for the Wedding itself needs to take place.  This will involve discussing the Liturgy, the prayers, readings, hymns, music and the finer points of the celebration in the Church.  Ideas are shared as to what makes for a good and personal celebration that reflects the faith, hope and love of the couple.



This group accompanies those who wish to find out a little more about the Catholic Faith and who perhaps at some time would like to become full members of the Catholic Church, or describe themselves as 'returning Catholics'  

The Catechists travel on their journey of faith side by side with the candidates and their sponsors.  Formation is led by the Church RCIA group who meet on Sunday afternoons (4 - 5.30pm) in the Paray Room, or at the Sacred Heart Church, Fareham on Wednesday evenings 7.00pm for 7.30pm.

Using the Scripture based model of Catechesis for example, we study the Gospel reading for the Sunday and discuss the aspects of our Catholic faith raised by that scripture passage or the Season of the Church's Liturgical Year.  Everyone is welcome to join us.

The person if s/he is ready, is presented to the Bishop by their Sponsor at the Rite of Elect celebrated in the Cathedral at the start of Lent, and later is initiated (through Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) into the Sacramental life of the Roman Catholic Church at the Solemn Easter Vigil or at Pentecost, within their own Church Community.

Please see the Newsletter for the next topic that is to be explored. Find the 2011-2012 dates here.




This is an evolving group for children of a catechetical age, who wish to be baptized and receive the relevant sacraments for their age group.

Contact the Church Office if you would like to register for this programme.


The Housebound are visited regularly by a number of the Church community's Eucharistic Ministers.  The Blessed Sacrament is taken from the Altar just before the end of Mass to the one who is Sick or Housebound.

If you are admitted into Hospital then it is crucial that either you or your family notify the Staff to register that you are a Roman Catholic to ensure that the Hospital Chaplaincy is able to visit you and offer you appropriate spritual and religous support during your stay. 

Please telephone the Hospital Chaplain's Office and give the following information; the name of the patient, the Church that the patient attends, the ward and date of expected admission, your name if you are not the patient.  For urgent messages at any time of the day or night ask the main Swtichbaord to contact the Duty Chaplain for you.

Mass is celebrated in Southampton General Hospital Chapel on Sundays at 4.30pm.

Mass is celebrated in Portsmouth Q.A. Hospital Chapel on Tuesdays at 7pm.

All are very welcome.

Also, please ensure the Parish Priest is notified as soon as possible via the Church Office.