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Our teams of Lectors or Readers undertake the important task of proclaiming the Word of God at Mass.  On Sunday, this could include one of the two Sunday readings (as per the Missal), the Psalm (if not sung at the Mass) and the Bidding prayers.

By proclaiming the Word of God you are facilitating the reception of the Word by the other members of the congregation, hence Readers must be able to project their voice so that all can hear and speak slowly and with clarity - and not just rely on the microphone.

A rota of volunteers is made for 6 months commencing the first Sunday of Advent and the first Sunday in June.  You could be added to the rota for the Mass that you normally attend on a Sunday.  If you are unable to fulfil your role on the rota for any reason it is your responsibility to find a replacement or swap with another reader from the rota.

Instruction and advice is available if you would like the opportunity to take part in this crucial ministry.


Please speak to the Priest if you would like to be considered for this ministry.

A Eucharistic Minister is a layperson licensed to assist with the administration of the Blessed Sacrament - under both kinds, i.e. the Body and Blood of Christ - either in Church during the celebration of the Eucharist (at Mass) or during the "Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion Services" which take place if the Priest is not available.

The Ministers may also assist by taking the Blessed Sacrament to the homes of the sick and housebound.

The Ministers also prepare the Lady Chapel for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

All our Eucharistic Ministers must have clearance from our Safeguarding Officer (CRB checks) before commencing this ministry.

They meet quarterly in the Church Hall for prayer, training and information sessions.


During the 10.15am Sunday Mass, this is held in the Paray Room.  One or two catechists, working on a rota system to suit their own commitments and availability, lead the Liturgy with the support of other Catechists.  We follow the order of the Mass - an introduction to the themes of the readings of the Day or Liturgical season using the Children's Lectionary.  We begin with a prayer and proceed to read/act and discuss the Gospel.  This is usually followed by a craft activity - time permitting - and we close with a prayer, often composed by one of the children.  Finally we process back into Church at the Offertory.

We also have Children's Masses during the year and special Easter and Christmas services and activities.

Children's Liturgy runs in line with school term times and we usually have a long recess in the summer months.  We have plenty of resource material to help with preparation (usually one hour at the most) and would welcome new helpers.

To comply with Child Protection we register all those who attend each session.  We have a rota of leaders who are CRB checked. 


We currently have a large and enthusiastic team of Altar Servers.  Anyone who has made his or her First Holy Communion is welcome to become an Altar Server.  You will need to request permission from the Priest before approaching the Master of Ceremonies (MC) to request to join the team.

Training sessions are held several times during the year for those involved usually on a Friday evening 6.30pm - 9pm.  It is a commitment to serve whenever you come to Church, and a privileged opportunity to serve God at the altar.

Our Servers belong to the Guild of St Stephen.  After undertaking training and having adequate experience they are enrolled in the Guild.  This normally takes place at a large Parish Mass held on St Stephen's Day 26th December when the new Server is presented with a bronze Medal of Service.  

The different coloured belts; blue, yellow and red, indicate the length of service and seniority of a Server.  The 'Server of the month' wears a green cincture awarded via the points system accumulated for attendance and initiative in accordance with the Guild Promise.  The Server with the purple cincture is the M.C. 

This is a very rewarding ministry.  The Guild Motto is - To Serve Christ is to Reign.


The 10.15am Mass Choir and Music Group meets all year to practice and to support the singing and worship at Mass.  They also play an important part at important Sacramental and Seasonal celebrations alternating throughout the year and important Liturgies at Christmas and Holy Week/Easter.

The Choir.  All types of sacred music are provided.  You do not have to be able to read music to join and new members are always welcome.  Practices usually take place on Tuesday evening in the Church from 7.30pm to 9.00pm (except in August).

The Music Group lead the worship once a month and meet a couple of times to go through the music for the Sunday Mass.  For Christmas, Easter and other major celebrations - such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation Celebrations - there are additional practices, but there are no other commitments.

Both the Choir and the Music Group are very sociable groups and more members would be very welcome.  If you are a singer and/or a proficient instrumentalist please get in touch.  The music is selected a month in advance so, if they choose, members can become familiar with the pieces beforehand.


The young people occasionaly lead the Music and meet beforehand to practice.  Please get in touch.