Our Parish is currently undertaking the installation of a new database system: the Pastoral Administration Management Information System, known as PAMIS.

PAMIS has already been successfully implemented in several parishes in our Diocese by Leo Patrick (Diocesan IT & Communications Manager) and his team, with more parishes following suit in the near future. In order for our Parish Clergy and Administrators to maximise the effectiveness of the new system we would like it to hold the most up-to-date information available about our parishioners and our parish.

To facilitate this there was a Parish Census taken at all Sunday Masses on the weekend of the 26th/27th January. Parishioners were asked to complete a Census Form (one per household) which will allow us to create and hold details about each family on the new database.

It is very important that this form is completed, even if you have been in the Parish twenty years and think we know all about you! The information given will supersede previous records and will be used to help with your pastoral care and the appropriate administration of the parish and diocese.

If you missed the chance to complete your census form during Mass then please print a copy from the Web site, complete it, and return it to the St Margaret Mary Church office. You can also contact the office if you have any questions.