The Church is not a business but it must be business-like.  In order to keep the Church community running and financially viable we have a dedicated team of parishioners who are on the finance committee.  They are responsible for monitoring the income and expenditure of the Church community, reviewing budgets and cash flow and looking to the future.

We would like to thank the Finance Committee and those who count the collection money each week for their hard work.

As a Church community we are on a very tight budget.  You will notice in the Newsletter that we receive approximately £1,000 a week in our collection. However, we are currently paying back a loan to the Diocese for our lovely new Church extension (2004) which is approximately £2,000 a month.  On top of that we pay a Diocesan Levy of about £2,000 a month.  Our fundraising team helps to raise a significant amount of money each year to help meet our loan repayments for which we are very grateful.


The Gift Aid scheme is another source of income - provided by the Inland Revenue.  It is the scheme by which if you are a taxpayer, the Church as a charity, is currently able to claim 28p for every £1.00 of recorded giving.  As from 6 April 2011, a donation of £100 will only be worth £125.

Anyone who feels able to increase his or her Gift Aid or to enter into the scheme should contact the Church Office.  All that is required is for you to sign a form declaration stating that you pay tax and supply your name and address.  We do not ask for any further details.

You can give to the Church either via the weekly envelopes that you can place in the offerory collection, or by a monthly standing order via the banking system.  You may vary the amount as you see fit, there is no need to promise a set figure.  If you wish to give a 'one off' payment we have Gift Aid envelopes in the Church to allow you to do this. 

The envelope scheme provides you with a numbered envelope that is confidential to the Bookkeeper and the Diocesan Finance Office for auditing purposes.  Those who count the Sunday collection therefore do not know the identity of the donor - you are simply a number!