Hail guest, we ask not what thou art,
if friend, we greet thee hand on heart;
if stranger, such no longer be;
if foe, our love shall conquer thee.

This is a lovely old Scottish greeting that does not ask the identity of the guest, because the guest has the right to reveal himself or herself in hospitality. This website is the Church community's offer of hospitality and service in the name of the Lord Jesus.

This website also serves as an invitation for you to consider joining in a ministry if you have not had the opportunity to do so.  We hope that it helps to inform you of all that goes on at St Margaret Mary's in the service of the Gospel, and to build our Church community.

The risen Lord, on the road to Emmaus, asked the disciples to tell him what was going on in their lives.  In return he made them new again through their sharing of their experiences and hopes.  Faith is the invitation to walk alongside the Lord with the gifts he has given us and to be honest about what is going on in our lives.

To find a language for our hopes and our losses, and share this, is our journey of faith and ministry as a Church community.  First we walk together with the Word of God, as on the road to Emmaus, and find a language for our own story.  Then we offer this at the Altar and ask God to receive, bless and return our offered efforts a hundredfold.  We hope you feel welcome at St Margaret Mary's Church.

The beautiful entrance to our Church, is a sign of the welcome and offer of help to be grounded in the experience of faith.  The baptism font filled with holy water at the entrance to the Church, is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the love of Jesus Christ and the community dedicated to the prayers and example of St Margaret Mary.  May we too, like her, keep that vision of faith should we suffer any set backs or distractions.  We strive and journey together.

What this website offers is a wonderful testimony to the Church community.  It is an offer of hospitality and an invitation to participate and belong, so that through the mercy of God everyone may be free to demonstrate their love and know his peace. 



Fr John Cooke